Custom Sizes

round mattress

Customized Round Mattress

Comfort at a great price, even in an odd size!  We really are a factory!  We do build beds right here!  We offer a line of mattresses that are a great value for your family and you will be pleasantly surprised at how fast we can make the custom sizes!

Because we build our own beds right here, we are able to make odd sizes for RVs, Boats, Campers, Antique Beds and More!  Contact us for a quote on your special size needs.

The Mattress Factory House Brand beds always have a low price, excellent quality, and construction that is comparable to many national brand beds (without the name brand price)!  We use the Bonnell innerspring unit in our mattresses and all wood frame foundation boxes.  We also manufacture polyurethane foam and Visco-elastic memory foam mattresses in a variety of quality levels.

Sometimes your original odd size innerspring mattress can be rebuilt.  Rebuilding your original innerspring mattress entails replacing the padding and quilted cover on the existing bed and sterilizing the completed unit.  This is a lower-cost option for minimal use mattresses.